modern rock that rocks!
i love it when bands imitate but take it a step further and inject their sound with something different and unique to set them apart. that is true musicianship and artistry. i can most definitely hear the different bands that have influenced this sound but i also hear a lot of fresh and unique things happening. the vocals are solid, lush and engaging. the guitars are crunchy, intense and beautiful. the bass line is fierce! i love the melody, especially the chorus. great hook! the horns just take this song to a whole new level of modern rock. this song transports me to another place. like any great song should!
- joelbermudez from New York on 13Dec2003
 This Kitty is Purrring...
MEOW! Kitty is Arching her back and rubbing all over the legs of this band! Purrrrrfect MIX! The human voice is by far the hardest instrument to master but these vocals are FINE TUNED! Yummy! Better than a can of 9 Lives kitty feast! Instrumentation is well thought out and tight! Can Kitty go home with the band? prrrrrrr...
- carbonstar from Joplin, Missouri on 23Dec2003
 TV dinners
I am watching TV not listening to this stuff at all and I thought Damn this is gonna really bug me because I can't ignore it and why you might ask because its really freakin good it’s like starflyer 59 and the beatles mixed. Freakin cool. I am so annoyed because I can't turn it off. Congrats you didn't bore me the simplicity is strikingly beautiful. I would sign you today !! the drums and bass are great! the voice is really good. I got the chills. You rule!
- BigTarbash from Columbus, Indiana on 25May2003
 Lennon wrote this right ?
I know it sounds new, but more like a remake of a lennon song. Not bad I gotta say. I like the changes, vocals and heavy thunder guitars. Wow just got to the harmony vocal part, great job ! Don't mind if I add this to my play list ?! This is an all around hit. Good luck, there's nothing I could say that could add to the sound of this song. Great job people
- Ringo_Shine from Klawock, Alaska on 23May2003
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